Main Coupler

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Coupler Idea  
bulletThe main coupler needs to be the stiffest section of the entire airframe.  This design represents the most overbuilt section of the entire rocket.
bullet36" (was 48") was split down the middle and about 1" was removed.
bulletA combination of wax paper, epoxy, chopped fibers, 2" X 36" aluminum and four bricks were used to join the two halves together.
bulletThis could have been enough right here.

Centering Rings

bulletFour centering rings were cut from 1/2" Birch plywood and drilled in six places for the connecting all thread.
bulletAt this point I think there's more than enough strength in the coupler.
Ribs & Rings  
bullet12 ribs were cut from 1/2" plywood.
bullet4 ribs were 3" wide to form the electronics bays, and the 8 others were cut 2" wide.
bulletThe rings were notched to accept each rib and the ribs were notched too.
bulletThat's a lot of notches.


Seam Relief  
bulletIn order to accommodate the seam of the coupler tube, another notch was cut from the edge of each ring.
bulletHere's all four of them ready to go.
bulletThe ribs, rings, and all-thread were assembled an the ribs tacked to the rings with large dabs of epoxy.
bulletAfter this had setup the final filleting of all joints was done.
bullet12 ribs, four rings, two sides each that makes for 96 fillets.
Electronics Bay  
bulletThe main coupler will also house the primary and backup electronics.
bulletThe first step was to cut out the holes for electronics in the coupler section.
Lower Section  
bulletThe forward part of the main coupler will be epoxied into the payload section of body tube.
bulletThe aft section will be secured to the booster via nuts and bolts.
bullet12 rows of 5 holes were original designed to allow 2" wood screw to hit each of the ribs.  Due to some shifting while the epoxy cured, this plan was changed.
bulletAttachment to the booster section will now be done via nuts and bolts.




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