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Motor Nozzles
bulletOn the right is a picture of the three 6" nozzles needed for the Black Brant. In the foreground, dwarfed by others is an Aerotech M1939 nozzle.
bulletClick the picture for a large view. Definitely a "must see".
Motor Nozzles (small)

Engine Cases

bulletOn the right is a picture Jeff Taylor's entire line of motor cases. 
bulletThe case on the far right is what will be used for the Black Brant.
bulletPictures courtesy of Loki Research
bulletClick here for more pictures of the actual cases being machined.
Propellant Grains
bulletEach of the three "P" motors will have 6 grains. These grains measure 8" long and weighs approximately 8 pounds. 
bulletThis brings the propellant weight per motor to 48 pounds, or 144 pounds total.
bulletOn the right is a picture of a 6" (152mm) grain. Inside the core of the grain sits a 54mm grain. Now that's a propellant grain.
bulletPictures courtesy of Ozark Propulsion Labs


Motor in Action
bulletThe first successfully test of the "P" motor was in Neil McGilvray's "Cow" rocket.
bulletThis rocket stands 20 feet tall and measures 16" in diameter.
bulletThe first picture shows the "P" motor pushing the 400 pound rocket off the pad. The rocket is puling about 6 Gees in this picture.
bulletThe second picture shows the "P" motor at full throttle. The flame from the motor looks to be almost the length of the rocket. This puts the flame at about 20 feet long.
bulletA three engine cluster of this motor should be unforgettable.
bulletPictures courtesy of Ozark Propulsion Labs





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