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Sponsorship Opportunities

This high profile project offers several unique opportunities for world-wide exposure. 

Via this website sponsors will be able to reach thousands of visitors from all walks of life. With banner ads placed at the bottom of each page sponsors can be assured that their message will not only reach their potential customers but provide them a means of linking them directly to your website or email address.

"Extreme Rocketry", "Ky Michaelson", and "Earl Cagle" will all be producing videos of the BALLS 2004 event. Each video is sure to have in depth coverage of this project.

"Extreme Rocketry" magazine, "High Power Rocketry" magazine along with many other publications are expected to cover not only this launch but may include detailed stories of this project. Sponsors can expect to see their logos in many times in a wide variety of magazines.

Please direct your business and sponsorship inquiries to Wedge Oldham

Donations Accepted

If you would like to donate to this project:

Checks may be sent to the following:
Wedge Oldham
10500 Orbital Way
Pacoima, CA 91331

Or you can contribute via


All donations are gratefully accepted.


Current Project Sponsors

The Black Brant Team would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous contribution to the project.

Ozark Propulsion Labs


Loki Research


Performance Rocketry


Van Norman Audio Visual


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