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This page contains contact information for all the members of the Black Brant Project. From here you can send e-mail to project members, or visit their personal home pages.

Project Member Listing:

bulletWedge Oldham
bulletDarren Wright
bulletJeff Taylor

Other project contributors:

bulletMelinda Catalano
bulletNeil McGilvray
bulletOliver Arend
bulletVictor Lock
bulletJoe Zamiska
bulletDoug Lay


Project Members

Wedge Oldham

After flying the his Nike Hercules at LDRS 20 & 21, Wedge Oldham has set his sights on a new project. The Black Brant Project will be the largest airframe designed and built by Wedge. The size and power of this project should present several unique design challenges.


Project Area: Airframe Construction and Project Manager

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Darren Wright

Darren Wright of Ozark Propulsion Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ozark Aerospace, has the slogan "We deliver performance under pressure".  Darren has a wide range of propellant types and motors combinations. Taking Darren's latest motor success, a 54,000 Newton-Second "P" motor, and installing three of them into this project should make for quite a spectacular flight.


Project Area: Propellant Manufacture & Design
Website: Ozark Propulsion Labs

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Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor of Loki Research has a line of rocket motor hardware that spans the popular HPR sizes from 38 mm to 98 mm and also introduces two larger sizes, 114 mm and 152 mm. All motors are precision machined from 6061 aluminum and have reusable graphite nozzles.


Project Area: Engine Case Manufacture & Design
Website: Loki Research

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Project Contributors

Melinda Catalano

Melinda is Wedge Oldham's girlfriend.  Melinda has been instrumental in getting this project started, and keeping it going.  Without her behind the scenes efforts and unwavering support it is doubtful that this project would ever be completed. 

Neil McGilvray

Neil's contribution has been in the area of airframe materials. His knowledge of fiberglass pipe and suppliers have lead to significant design decisions and supplier selection.

Oliver Arend

Oliver has been a great help in the area of stress analysis. His contributions have figured greatly in insuring the overall safety of this project. Oliver supplied the initial stress calculation used in the project and also reviewed the initial calculations discovering a significant error. 

Victor Lock

Victor Lock is a general construction guru, and personal friend of Wedge Oldham.  Victor will be helping with the actual construction and will be part of the launch crew heading to Black Rock.  Victor will also be construction the vehicle support stands and pad transport system.

Joe Zamiska

Joe Zamiska will be responsible for painting and overall finish of the Black Brant.

Doug Lay

Doug Lay is a welding expert, and has offered to build the launch tower rocket support. This support will bear entire the weight of the rocket on the launch tower.




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