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Launch Report  
bulletAltitude: 18,024'
bulletVelocity: 1136 f/s
bulletBurn time: 6.1 seconds 
bulletMotor equivalent: Q21,685
bulletTime to apogee: 32.5 seconds
bulletThe rocket lifted off the pad pulling about 7 gees, as it entered the Mach transition region the trailing fin tips started to flutter and two of them sheared/shredded off, the rocket then seem to gain in velocity punching through Mach. 
bulletAt apogee the primary charge (25 grams) did not fire, the backup altimeter fired 2 seconds later (35 grams) and blew out all the chutes.  The delayed deployment cracked the upper part of the airframe.
bulletTotal damage:  Lost 30% of two fins, cracked the upper payload section. Nose cone came through unharmed.
Jeff Stai Pictures  
bulletThese three shots seem to truly capture the essence of the Black Brant.

bulletVan Norman Audio Visual setup multiple cameras and was responsible for capturing vast amounts of video

Veni Van Norman operated the hand held camera

Video from camera position CAM2A positioned about 350 feet away

Video from camera position CAM1 positioned about 250 feet away

Video from camera position BLASTCAM positioned about 150 feet away




bulletMy pictures from the entire launch
bulletRick Clapp captured a great shot of the Black Brant at liftoff
Other Sites  
bulletDavid Sparks was the first to post this video
bulletDave Moore who camped right next to the BBII posted these photos to his site.
bulletJeff Taylor decided to make his Black Brant liftoff shot the front page news item for his site.





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