Upper Sheeting

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Middle Section  
bulletFirst off, there wasn't supposed to be a middle section. Due to an error in measuring the lower section strips were cut 11.5" too short.
bulletTo make up for this 12" were taken out of the coupler section reducing it from 48" down to 36".  48" was way overkill even for my tastes.
bulletHere's a shot of how the two fiberglass sections blended together.

Forward part

bulletTo sheet the forward most part of the nose cone a section of PML 11.41" tube was cut into strips and attached.
bulletThe same procedure used in the lower section was used to cut the strips.
bulletI figure if you've seen it once, that should be more than enough.
bulletThe gap at the top is to blend the PML sheeting diameter to the Performance Hobbies 7.5" fiberglass nose cone.
Almost done  
bulletThe upper most part has been filleted with West Systems Epoxy and Filleting filler material.  Bad move on my part, it's strong but it took forever to sand.
bulletThese pictures are very poor quality due to the lack of available light.
bulletI'll retake these pictures later in more sunlight.
Last fiberglass  
bulletWith everything sanded as smooth as I can get it (rough sand) I snapped off one last picture before the final glassing.
bulletSince only the upper part is PML tube, and the rest is already 0.160" thick fiberglass.  Only the PML part needed to be glassed, and not much at that.
bulletOne layer of 10.0 oz glass was cut into triangles and laid up onto the nose.
bulletSome have sanding and light weight filler material (Evercoat Metal Glaze) and we should be ready for primer.


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