Nose Cone Details

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The first drawing shows the overall view of the nose cone.  From left to right the items pictured are: 7.5" Fiberglass conical nose from Performance Rocketry [green]. Internally (small portion visible [red]) will be two lengths of 7.5" tube heavily glassed. The outer covering forming the bulk of the nose cone is made up of 11.41" PML tube from 7.5" to 11.5", from 11.5" to 18" will be body tube material [blue].  Moving aft is the nose cone coupler section [also blue] . The outer most section is the nose cone shoulder [aqua].


This second drawing is meant to show a little more detail of the ring & rib structure of the nose. Both the rings and the ribs will be cut from 1/2" Birch plywood. The long ribs are designed for two purposes: Support of the 7.5" tube [red] to the nose cone base [yellow], and to give an attachment point for the strips of body tube used to cover the structure.

This drawing is a cutaway drawing of the entire nose cone.  Not shown on this drawing is the bulkhead assembly that sits inside the 7.5" tube [red].  This bulkhead assemble will serve as the chute attachment hard point.


This picture shows some of the details of the nose cone shoulder construction.  In the center of the tube is 7.5" heavily glassed tube [red], This tube will serve as the drogue compartment holding the 27 feet drogue chute. Surrounding that is the coupler tube cut from 18.5" fiberglass body tube [blue].  The outermost layer [aqua] is the forward most section of body tube.  Not shown are the pieces of all-thread that will run the length of the nose cone shoulder.


Here's a shot of the aft most section of the nose cone shoulder. Displayed is the drogue compartment [red], The coupler tube [blue], and the centering rings [yellow].  Not shown the lengths of all-thread. 

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