Tube Marking

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Tube Delivery  
bulletThese pictures show the tubes being picked up from the manufacturer, and deposited at the build facility (the back patio).
bulletShocking how big the tubes actually are.
bulletThis project does appear to be on the verge of insanity.

Making & Cutting Guide

bulletTo cut the tubes a sort of miter box was built.
bulletTwo pieces of 3/4" plywood were cut to 24" X 24" and an 18" holes was cut into each.
bulletThe front and back  are made into a box with some 1" pine board.
Tube Marking  
bulletThe tubes were marked to length by taping a tape measure to the tube, and then all marks were placed on the tube at once.
bulletThree wraps of painter mask off paper was wrapped around the tubes to mark not only the cut line, but also the miter box placement.
bulletEnds were marked for a "clean-up" cut.
bulletThe final picture shows tubes ready to be cut on the following day.





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