Tube Cutting

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Box Modification  
bulletThe original design of the miter box was meant to have the tubes inserted in the box with a tight enough fit to hold them while they are cut.
bulletThis idea didn't work out too well as the tubes just wouldn't slide into the box.
bulletThe front hole of the box was split open to allow the tubes to be inserted, and then a clamp was applied to tighten around the tube. Once the clamp was in place scrap wood was used to hold the box tight and the clamp removed.


bulletUsing the front edge of the miter box as a guide all tubes were cut.
bullet90 degrees at a time were cut, then the box & tube were rotated to make the next 90 degree cut.
bulletBefore each cut the alignment was checked.
All Cut  
bulletLike proud parents Victor Locke and myself pose with the finished products. 9 cuts in about 4 hours.
bulletThe first cut took about 1 hours, the last one took about 10 minutes. Victor and I formed a well oiled team once we got the hang of the cutting.
bulletFrom left to right the cut tubes form: Camera Bay, Nose Cone Shroud, Main Coupler Tube, Nose Cone Shoulder, and the Boat Tail Section.
bulletThe last picture shows the scrap tubing left over, these parts will be used to make hatches and hatch supports.




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