Loading in Truck

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bulletFirst Picture: Jeff Anesette, Lisa Tarr, and John Catalano.
bulletSecond Picture: Eric Williams and Victor Lock.
bulletThird Picture: back left to right Eric Williams, Troy Monroe Stacey, Lisa Tarr, Glenn Langton, Jeff Anesette,  John Catalano, and in the foreground trying to blow out my sprocket Wedge Oldham
bulletEric Williams stands next to the VATC and Victor's new bike.

In the Truck

bulletAs a "proof of concept" the Black Brant booster section is loaded on to the transport skid (Victor Lock's design) and placed in the truck.  Notice how little extra room there is within the 15' truck.
bulletThe payload section is moved in next.
bulletWith a layer of sawdust on the rocket the Graffiti Artists took advantage of the opportunity.
bulletHere we are tying down the Vehicle Assembly and Transport Cradle.
bulletTony Soprano found out we were heading out to the desert and asked if we could take along on more item.
bulletActually it's the nose cone being wrapped in carpet before being placed in the truck
bulletMelinda (photographer for most group pictures) takes a moment for a rare picture.
bulletTroy & Lisa also take a break on the front porch.
bulletTroy and Victor toy with how light the nose cone is.



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