White Paint

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bulletUsing almost the same setup for the primer, we setup the driveway again for painting.  This is really not as easy as it looks.
bulletGreg Briscoe and "Jonese" came over to lend a hand getting the rocket out of the garage and into position.
bulletDue to the schedule paint time of noon, we decided to setup two "Shelters" to keep the rocket somewhat cooler during painting.


bulletJoe Zamiska came over after things were set in position.   Once again Joe worked his magic and within an hour the white section were painted.
bulletThe black sections are scheduled to be painted on Tuesday, August 31st.
While it dries  
bulletAs with any project a major portion of time is dead time.  Here's some shots of the "white paint" crew killing some time.
bulletOf course, after any major step is done you need to stand back and admire your work.
bulletThe white sections are now painted.  The black sections will be overlaid on top of the white in the standard Black Brant paint scheme.




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