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bulletBefore an primer can be applied some extra supports need to be made.  Kevin McWilliams helps make some 18" diameter bulkheads to support the rocket.
bulletWhile Kevin and myself got things ready, Victor Lock and Joe Zamiska picked up Joe's compressor and stopped off to get paint and all other supplies.



bulletPipe stands and a special jacking gear support the aft end of the booster section.  The forward section is supported by a pipe through some bulkheads.
bulletThe second picture shows a close-up of the "Delrin" rail guides.
bulletVictor Lock helped by prepping the area including an additional run to Home Depot to pick up more plastic sheeting.
bulletWith the sheeting in place Joe Zamiska began shooting the sealer.
More Sealer  
bulletJoe was just a painting machine, with everyone else either getting parts ready, or getting Joe whatever he needed.
bulletOverall once the gun started spraying things went very smoothly and quickly.
bulletKevin was able to get all the parts taped,  just in time for Joe to shoot them.
bulletTwo coats of "high build" primer were shot on the Black Brant.
bulletYou really has to be there to see how great it looked, but here's some shots to try and give everyone at least some idea.
bulletThe last shot is Vic and & Joe saying "Damm, that looks good".




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