Centering Rings (NC)

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Rings & Notches  
bulletThe bulkheads (soon to be rings) were cut with a router, 3/4" bit, and a circle cutting attachment.
bulletThe notches we cut using a scroll saw.
bulletHoles were then drilled to accommodate the all-thread runs in the shoulder section.
bulletAll holes were drilled with my new DRILL PRESS


bulletSmall holes are for the wood screws to secure the ribs to the forward bulkhead.
bulletIncluded here is a shot of the "screw-side" showing the counter sinking.
bulletThe forward and aft bulkheads of the nose cone shoulder are notched to fit the coupler tube.
Seam Relief  
bulletThe coupler section has a slice of body tube laid over the joint.  The bulkheads were notched to allow for this extra material.


Test fit  
bulletAll the rings have had the center holes cut.
bulletThe rest of the pictures show all nose cone centering rings in place on the main tube.  If you squint hard you can almost see what the finished nose cone is gonna look like.


bulletThe rings were epoxied to the main tube, and strips of tape were applied to hold everything.
bulletFilleting of the rings was done by first apply a layer of tape under each ring to serve as an epoxy dam.  Once the tape was in place the fillets on the top could be applied.
bulletAfter the top side was done the whole thing was inverted to do the other side.
Shaping Up  
bulletHere's a shot of the nose cone standing up. 
bulletFunny the nose cone itself is almost larger than my Level 3 rocket.





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