Nose Cone Ribs

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Rib cutting  
bullet1/2" plywood was first cut into strips to form the ribs.
bulletEach rib measures 1/2" X 3/4" and are 44 inches long.

Test fitting

bulletAll ribs (12) were placed into the notches cut into the centering rings.
bulletSince the nose cone base and shoulder were also ready to go they were fitted on too.
Locking it all down  
bulletEach rib is tied to the main bulkhead with a 2" long wood screw.
bulletAll ribs and centering ring notches were wet out with straight epoxy to prevent resin starvation.
bulletThickened epoxy was used to attach the ribs to the rings.
bulletWraps of tape hold the whole thing together wihile the epoxy sets.




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