Nose Cone

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Tube Coupler  
bulletThe coupler section at the right will be used to join the two 7.5" tube in the center of the nose cone.
bulletIt will also serve as the main attachment point for the 27' parachute.
bulletA three point harness was attached directly to the U-bolt. This decision came from the fact that once assembled the U-bolts would be unreachable.
bulletA a precaution against the ejection charge heat duct-tape was applied to the lower legs of the harness.
bulletI may seriously regret this decision once the rocket hits apogee.


bulletAll parts to be joined were first coated with a liberal amount of straight (un-thickened) epoxy.
bulletAn additional batch of epoxy was made up and thickened with West-Systems 404.
bulletThe insides of each tube were coated with thickened epoxy.
bulletOnce the tube were joined together, they were placed in my fin cutting box.
bulletThis box was used because it was the only place in the entire house where two flat surfaces meet at right angles.


bulletAn old piece of 4" ABS tube was cut in half and used for support.  Normally I'd run a tube through the whole length, but with the bulkhead/coupler in the middle this wasn't possible.
bulletSome quick & dirty centering rings were cut to support the ends of the tube while glassing.  This made a great improvement of previous glassing where the tube rested directly on the support tube.  It prevented the glass from sticking to the support tube.
bulletCentering rings were attached to the support tube using some dry-wall screws.
bulletTwo chairs support the tube while glass. Space is at a premium so I choose a spot in the backyard under a tree for this tube.  I figured the shade would give me a little extra working time.
bulletPrior to glassing the tube was sanded with 60 grit paper, this gives a rough surface for epoxy.
bulletTwo pieces of 10 oz glass are wrapped around the tube.  Each piece wraps around  1 1/2 times, so two piece will give me three wraps total.
bulletThe nose cone tube itself doesn't need this much glass, but the tube will also serve as an ejection cannon for the chute, and I didn't want to have to worry about over-pressurization.




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