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bulletFirst step was to place the shoulder ring into position on the coupler tube.  These two parts form the base and shoulder of the nose cone.
bulletWith that done the location of the hatches could be determined.
bulletUsing the jig-saw I got for Christmas (thanks Melinda), I was able to cut the holes for the hatches.

Hatch covers  
bulletUsing some of the scrap material left over from the tube cutting, the actual hatches were roughed into shape.
bulletUsing a belt sander the hatches were sanded to make a near perfect fit of the cover into the hole for it.
bulletI labeled the hatches port & starboard, cuz old habits die hard.
Nose cone base  
bulletHere's a shot of the coupler section and the shoulder section epoxied together.  This forms the base of the nose cone.
bulletNote the hatch covers, mounting holes, and the inner holes have all been cut.




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