Motor Cases

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Motor Cases
bulletAll Pictures courtesy of Loki Research
bulletHere's a shot of the three motor cases in the process of being machined by team member Jeff Taylor.
bulletThese cases measure 59" long and 6" in diameter.
bulletBoth forward and aft closures will thread into the motor tube.
bulletJeff Taylor hold the all graphite motor nozzle for one of the "P" motors, For a picture of all three, check this LINK.


Hydrostatic testing  
bulletThe first step in hydro testing a motor case is to fill it with water.
bulletAttach high pressure water pump and pressure gage.
bulletThen pump 'er up. These motor will be tested to 1500 PSI, this represents a test to twice the mean operating pressure.


First one done!  
bulletThe case is done, and passed with flying colors.
bulletThe particular case will be shipped to Wedge Oldham and used for fit up of the rest of the motor parts in the Black Brant.
bulletCompletion of the first motor represents a significant milestone in this project.
bullet"Fred" will remain at Jeff Taylor's house, and will not be part of the flight team.



It has arrived  
bulletThe first motor case produced for the Black Brant project has arrived at Wedge Oldham's house.






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