Motor Mount

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Pilot holes  
bulletAfter the four main rings and one aft ring were cut using a router the holes were laid out.
bulletAll holes were drilled with an 1/8" drill bit to serve as the pilot holes.
bulletNail were put though the holes to keep each piece in perfect alignment with the other.

All-thread holes

bulletEighteen 3/8" holes were drilled for the all-thread.
Motor holes  
bulletThree 6" holes were cut into each ring for the main motors.
bulletHere they are all done.
Fin supports  
bulletA jig was setup to drill the 48 fin supports.
bulletThe piece was inserted into the jig, and the first holes drilled.
bulletFlipping the piece around let me drill the second hole.
bulletThe use of a jig really speeded up this entire process.
bulletThe last photo shows the placement of the fin supports.
All-Thread test fit  
bulletAn alignment tool was made by taking a a piece of wood and cutting the five fin slots into it.
bulletThis will be used to ensure all rings are spaced equally.
bulletThe following shot show a test assemble of the 5/16" all-thread and the five rings.




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