Fin Can Insertion

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Getting Started  
bulletFin can insertion took the help of a number of people.
bulletFirst picture left to right: Myself (Wedge Oldham), Jeff Anisette, and Joe Zamiska.
bulletSecond Picture: Jeff Anisette and myself.
bulletThird Picture Lisa Tarr.
bulletPhotographer for this page: Melinda Catalano

Test Fit

bulletThe fin can was slide into the booster section. This test fin uncovered one major flaw, we could not clear the garage door. 
bulletOnce the fit was correct, we had to get the tubes apart.
bulletThis seemed harder than putting them together in the first place.


Ring Marking  
bulletThe alignment holes were checked during the test fit, and we could see the centering ring.
bulletTroy provided a helpful idea, "Let's mark the rings so we know when we're in".


bulletAs with all other construction pics, I've included this almost obligatory "mixing epoxy" shot.  This day is no different.
bulletJoe, Jeff, and myself all take a stab putting some epoxy on the rings, while Troy marks the bottom of the rings.
More epoxy  
bulletWith the centering rings epoxied, it was time to apply the thickened epoxy to the booster tube.
bulletTroy gave us all a lecture on the importance of "Just one thing".
Putting it together  
bulletThe fin can was slide in, and wood screws were placed through the body into the rings.
bulletTrust me, this thing was heavier than it looks.
bulletHere's the finished product. Now to put on the boat tail.
bulletI would just like to thank everyone that participated in this event. Thank you all.





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